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Commitment Leads to Joy: A Gold Medal Conversation with Amy Foster

May 18, 20232 min read

“Things are better when we work together” - Amy Foster

Amy Foster, wearing her Special Olympics Athlete Leadership shirt and several gold medals, is seated at the head table, engaged in conversation with present Riverbend Rotarians and those attending via Zoom.

Amy Foster, wearing her Special Olympics Athlete Leadership shirt and several gold medals, is seated at the head table, engaged in conversation with present Riverbend Rotarians and those attending via Zoom.

In a recent meeting at the Riverbend Rotary Club, we had the privilege of hearing from an incredibly inspiring speaker - Amy Foster. An advocate for the Special Olympics, Amy is not just a voice for the cause; she is an embodiment of its spirit. Despite living with her own disability, she speaks with an infectious joy and exudes a sense of accomplishment that one can't help but admire.

Amy spent much of her presentation discussing the often overlooked aspects of life for people living in group homes. The monotony of their day-to-day lives is broken most only by the exciting prospect of participating in Special Olympics activities. The Games bring vibrancy and joy, offering a much-needed escape and an opportunity to showcase their abilities.

The power of commitment was a key theme in Amy's presentation. As a coach herself for gymnastics and dance – supporting over 200 area dancers – she emphasized the need for more dedicated volunteers. Coaching is a challenging role, but according to Amy, "Commitment leads to joy." These words encapsulate the transformative power of devoted service and the profound effect it can have on the lives of Special Olympics athletes.

Amy's dedication doesn't stop at coaching. She highlighted the constant need for fundraising to support activities and events for Special Olympics athletes. Her appeal to Rotary members was simple – to extend their commitment to service to this much-needed cause.

In a poignant moment, Amy shared a personal story about a conversation with the parents of a special needs child. Referencing her own experiences growing up, she conveyed a powerful message: "If you'd seen all the notes written about me when I was a child, you'd never believe that I could grow into the person I am today." Her journey is a testament to the potential of special needs individuals to be valuable, productive members of society when given the right support and opportunities.

Amy's parting words resonated deeply with us all, "Things are better when we work together." Inclusion, teamwork, and unity are not just fundamental to the Special Olympics, but are values deeply cherished by Rotarians.

We invite our readers and Riverbend Rotary Club members to consider how they can contribute to the Special Olympics. Whether it be coaching, fundraising, or simply spreading the word on Facebook, every effort counts towards creating a more inclusive society where everyone can experience the joy of accomplishment.

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In honor of Amy Foster, make a $25 Gift to Special Olympics Illinois.

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Eric McRoy

Eric McRoy is a dedicated community leader and active member of the Riverbend Rotary Club. With a passion for service and a keen interest in making a positive impact on the lives of others, Eric lends his experience and expertise to various local initiatives. As a skilled communicator and enthusiastic volunteer, he enjoys sharing stories of the club's accomplishments, inspiring others to join the mission of creating lasting change in the Riverbend area and beyond.

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